The Damage City Festival is one of the best punk rock festivals in the nation. The music festival is held annually in Washington, D.C.  The Damage City Festival has a reputation as one of the most quintessential hardcore events on the East Coast. Every year some of the best punk rock and hardcore bands play in this festival, and the energy of the hardcore scene is tremendous.  The damage city fest 2017 was conducted in April, and some of the bands which played in the music fest are Marked Men, Red Death, Line of Sight, Hero Dishonest, Coke Bust, Exit order, Man Existence, Guilt Paradise, etc.

Damage City Festival

The main objective of this fest:

Chris Moore and Nick Candela are the organizers for the entire show. Chris is a soundman and is usually spotted mixing various consoles at the city’s live shows. Moore also plays drums in many punk rock bands.  One of the main aims of the Damage City fest is to spread awareness about the independent musicians and various artists from all over the world. It is to know that people are having fun at the fest and are exposed to something they have never seen before. The event is to show the rest of the world that music is for everyone and it is an excellent platform for musicians all over the world to showcase their talents. Candela says in one of his interviews that the event is considered very sacred and many people put in a lot of effort to make it a success. It is quite inspiring how people from all over the world believe in this fest and passionately come for the event every single year.

The annual music fest being a huge performance, a lot of background work needs to be done to make the fest a successful one. People come forward and volunteer to help with setting the stage, arranging various equipment, cooking food, advertising, setting up of doors, booking various venues, etc. The enthusiasm with which the band’s play is just remarkable. The entire crowd is blown away, and everyone has a memorable experience at the damage city festival.


Some of the popular venues are St Stephens’s church, The Pitch, and The Black Cat. The St Stephen’s church is quite big and thus can accommodate a lot of people, and it has a grand stage. The Black Cat is a punk club in Washington D.C, and even though the club is quite small, it has a great vibe, and the staffs over there are fantastic.


The damage city fest is a great place to be during the summer holidays. The passion behind the fest and the musicians from all over the world inspire you and motivate you to be a part of the event. If you are a punk rock fan, then it is a must for you to go to the damage city fest and celebrate your love for music.